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CJIFE is a comprehensive constellation of international construction work contracting, execution, project management, trading and procurement of related construction machinery, plant, equipment, tools and building materials as well as accessories. It features with an experienced and professional technical and management team which reasonably offers you the different solutions to your different requirements. One-stop service also highlights to those who need help in this field.


Due to long term cooperation directly with the suppliers, CJIFE succeeds in collaboration with the clients, partners as well as developers respectively from Asia, Europe, Africa and America. The construction work includes all civil works, such as office plaza, residence building, factory workshop, large-scale supermarket, university teaching buildings, villa, 5 star hotel, hospital and casino. Thanks to the long term all-round co-operation, the company enjoys a high reputation from the clients in price, quality, service and maintenance.

CJIFE integrates with execution experience abroad, conglomerates a professional and experienced team in operating all the work in various standards. Wherever the project locates and whatever the project is pertained to, you’re welcome to contact us and we believe both of us will get satisfied with our win-win policy.


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